Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Facebook Friends (?)

Ok small reflection on facebook habits. I have noticed that lots of my fb friends have people on THEIR friends list who are NOT their friends at all. In fact some of them would cross the road to avoid each other. WTF is with that? Hey be my fb friend you BASTARD! Look at pics of me and my friends and family acting the goat, hear my petty rantings and what time I had breakfast, send me virtual puppies and stuff.

I have been thinking a LOT about FB lately - my son has joined and his mates have some VERY unusual friends on their lists.

Here is my new list of commonsense FB rules:

if someone asks to friend you and is not someone you would invite in for a cuppa and a chat - don't friend them !

If you are under 18 and people older than you start talking about their underwear and other steamy stuff on their facebook status - unfriend them ( sheesh)

If you see the face but cant remember the name unless you read it - think about why you have them as a freind - maybe its just because you feel you need to prove you are loveable enough to have 400 friends.