random stuff


I am walking up my street near the end of the day

Its just about tea time, and there's nothing in my way

But I'm slow to get home, as I am watching my dreams

chase each other round the street, while I know people wait for me

to come home

The late afternoon light slicing through the sky

Makes a shadow out of me and I seem to stretch so high

The fingers of light dance on the pavement for a while,

then my shadow disappears, which reminds me that its time

to go home

Someone calls out my name as I open up the door,

Expectation starting up before the shopping hits the floor

The setting sun follows me as I go inside

Through the window but it hits me that there's nowhere I can hide

not even home

Food is on the table and washings on the line,

I go through the mail, and give the kids a little time

Before I find myself again, the clock says its time to sleep

And my dreams are waiting there, they are calling out to me

Calling me home

Falling into bed, there is time for me to be

drifting off to dreams at last I feel a little free.

This is where I live, in the spaces in between

all the things that people want , until there is room for me and all my dreams

to be at home.