Sunday, June 5, 2011

Left vs right

The left and right hand sides of my brain are arguing right now
Its an interesting conversation since one of them is mute.
But the right hand side is listening for a change because the left hand side is keeping him up at night.
The left hand side wants to make things and be allowed to run the place for a while. The right thinks that making stuff is a waste of time because it clutters the house up and you know you can get stuff at the shops and there a billion artists in the world who make pretty average stuff. The left hand side doesn't care because it wants to feel the clay and shape it, scratch the pencil on the paper and record its observations anyway.

To be fair, the right hand side has had the run of the place for a while and isn't really achieving anything much at the moment.
The right suspects it is because the left, tired of being neglected, has sabotaged the right hand side by making the whole brain miserable and unable to continue with the strict regime of usefulness set by the right.

The left cares not for the rights logic, it can't see how money makes you happy anyway, and is very cranky at being shut away while the right side decides who to please next.

Now the right has agreed to let the left do some stuff, but vexingly keeps finding little tasks that need doing before the left can be allowed to play. The right wants to organise the tools, and make sure all the housework is done, and even more annoyingly find something useful to do with the stuff the left brain creates. The left just wants to get on with it, and is now letting the right know it is not happy to sit around while it does yet another load of washing, dishes and floor washing. The right is countering that the rest of the family will not understand if they get home to no clean clothes, a pile of dishes and dirty floors.

And so the argument goes on. The right brain has consented to record the objections of the left ( it is a very kind and fair right brain after all), and will now switch the radio on to keep lefty amused, so now right can finish the work it set out to do today.

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