Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lemonade anyone?

OK its hot again. This morning went out to find the lemon tree has decided to give up and drop its fruit... all at once. On the right is the large black bin which was repurposed for emergency lemon storage and distribution.

Thats the way we roll now, you can't WASTE them you have to find some way of using them. So we took half of them to work today and left some with the neighbours, this pic is the ones we have yet to find a home for.

Everyone we know is now planning to do something with a dozen or so lemons tonight. Vern is going to make frozen margaritas, nanou is going to give limoncello a bash, Andrew will clean his barbie and use it for salad dressing etc etc.

Me? I am going to squeeze and freeze because we will probably not have as many lemons as we usually enjoy this summer. I feel adaptable...generous and resilient. Defying the silly weather and making the most of it. Nyah.

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