Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have a blog, all mine mine mine!

The thoughts of my alter egos Mahala / Workingmum / Amanda - can all live together here just like they do in real life.

Right now I am at home, there are birdies singing outside and the kids are playing on the trampoline. I picked some broccoli and snow peas from the garden, and chased the white butterflies off my cauliflowers. I smiled at birds bravely swooping cars and putting on showy displays of courtship in the garden, there is a nest outside my window again. We have the promise of baby chicks at home ( fresh from our NEW incubator) and the Jacarandas are out in flower. Spring is happening despite the crazy 43 degrees expected tomorrow, and the signs of life I notice make me feel good.

Trying not to dwell on the fact that we bought the incubator because the broody hen died of heat exhaustion last week, the grass has already started browning off. Despite the fact the eggs had not been covered for several days, when we "candled" them many looked promising, and we could see a little chick moving inside the egg. Yep, despite the heat and the fact he lost his mum before he even hatched, life is still going on for this little peep ( that is what chicks r called apparently). So I am gonna take a hint from that and get on with mine :)

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